On February 24, 2009 (in Holmdel) and February 26, 2009 (in Mount Laurel) an organization that is apparently affiliated with the New Jersey League of Municipalities will be holding a seminar entitled “Managing Government E-Mail Risks: OPRA, E-Discovery, and Retention ­ and Developing Solutions.” The half-day seminar costs $75 for League members and $150 for non-members.

The seminar is described in detail and a registration form is available here.

Readers who live in municipalities where there is confusion over e-mail management requirements (e.g. municipalities where the elected officials use their personal e-mail accounts for official correspondence) should encourage their municipal officials to attend.

I’d like to communicate with anyone who attends the seminar. I would be interested in obtaining copies of some the seminar material and handouts, particularly any model policy on managing email.

Originally distributed on January 27, 2009

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