Several people have inquired as to exactly how they can find out a) which officials in their municipal government are required to file Financial Disclosure Statements, and b) whether each of those officials did in fact file.

To make it easy, I’ve drafted a supplement that can be downloaded and attached to any municipality’s OPRA request form. The supplement can be downloaded here.

Financial Disclosure Statements need to be filed on or before April 30th of each year. Since April 30, 2009 is just a few weeks ago, I think that it’s better to request information on the filings that were due on April 30, 2008.

John Paff
Somerset, New Jersey

P.S. The “Local Government Officer Roster” lists those officials who, in the municipality’s opinion, are required to file a Financial Disclosure Statement. The absence of a position from the Roster does not necessarily mean that that holder of that position is not required to file and the inclusion of a position on the Roster does not necessarily mean that the holder of that position is required to file.

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