On Monday, November 30, 2009, 2 p.m., the New Jersey Assembly State Government Committee will hold a hearing on Assembly Bill A1095 which seeks to lower the cost of paper copies to “up to $0.10 per letter size page or smaller, and up to $0.15 per legal size page or larger.”  Currently, the Open Public Records Act appears to allow government agencies to charge up to $0.75 per page for the first ten pages; $0.50 per page for the eleventh through twentieth page and $0.25 per page for each page over twenty.

The hearing will be held in Committee Room 13 on the 4th Floor of the State House Annex, Trenton.  A1095, which has an identical bill in the Senate, S1646, is on-line here.

The primary sponsors of the Assembly bill (A1095) are Joe Cryan (D), Upendra Chivicula (D) and Linda Greenstein (D). Co-sponsors are Jack Connors (D), Joan Quigley (D), Joan Voss (D), Ruben Ramos Jr. (D), Samuel Thompson (R), Amy Handlin (R), Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D) and Gordon Johnson (D). The primary sponsors of the Senate bill (S1646) are Loretta Weinberg (D) and Tom Kean Jr. (R).

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