(Sometimes, in reviewing my records, I find issues that arose before I created this blog that may have some present value. Here is one such issue.)

On May 23, 2008, I submitted a records request form to the Springfield Board of Education but, due to an oversight, I forgot to write the date on the form. Today, I received a telephone call from the Board’s office telling me, ultimately, that they will not fulfill my request unless and until I write the date on it.

I was taken aback by this, and repeated back to the woman that “Let me get this straight, you’re not going to provide me with the records unless I resubmit the same request after writing the date on it.” To which the woman replied “Yes. That’s correct.”

Part of me said “What’s the big deal? Just date the form and get on with life.” But, another part of me couldn’t let it go that easily. If anyone is interested in seeing the letter I mailed to the Superintendent, it’s on-line here.

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