On July 27, 2010, I informed readers of my lawsuit against the Borough of South Bound Brook (Somerset County) seeking disclosure of records of a police investigation involving the “Mayor’s wife’s family.” Background on the matter and a copy of the lawsuit are on my blog here.

My attorney, Walter Luers of Oxford, has recently filed a motion for summary judgment. For those who are not familiar, summary judgment motions are filed whenever a party believes that there are no significant facts in dispute and all that is required is for the court to apply the law to the case. Our motion, along with a legal brief, certification and exhibits is on-line here.

There should be a hearing on our summary judgment motion at 9 a.m. on Friday, December 17th before Hon. Yolanda Ciccone, A.J.S.C. at the courthouse at 20 N. Bridge St, Somerville. The public is invited to attend the hearing, but should call 908-231-7068 the day before to ensure that it has not been postponed. Refer to Paff v. Borough of South Bound Brook, Docket No. SOM-L-1212-10.

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