The Voorhees Township Committee’s February 11, 2008 Closed Session minutes innocuously state:

A discussion ensued regarding whether the Township should continue to pursue the Medi-Build site or explore the purchase of other sites. [Deputy Mayor Mario] DiNatale and [Committeeman Harry] Platt disagreed on the manner in which Medi-Build was being pursued. Mr. DiNatale also expressed disappointment that Medi-Build had received a copy of the appraisal of their site. At this point, Mr. DiNatale left the meeting.

A police “investigation report” authored the same day by Voorhees Police Chief Keith Hummel, however, provides a bit more context and detail.  According to Hummel’s report, DiNatale and Platt were in a heated argument when DiNatale said “let’s take this outside and settle it.”  Hummel then states that “Deputy Mayor DiNatale then placed his hands on Committeeman Platt’s throat as if he was attempting to choke him.” 

Hummel then “escorted Deputy Mayor DiNatale from the conference room,” took him to police headquarters and processed him.  No charges were filed against DiNatale and the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office declined to pursue indictable charges.

The minutes, Hummel’s report and prosecutor’s letter are on-line here.

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