On April 9, 2013, the Local Finance Board (LFB) notified South Harrison Township (Gloucester County) Deputy Mayor Robert Diaz that he had narrowly escaped a finding that he had violated the Local Government Ethics Law (LGEL).

In his letter, LFB chairman Thomas H. Neff advised Diaz that the LFB considered whether Diaz violated the LGEL when he spoke on behalf of Unity Service Ambulance Association, where he served as a Captain, during a Township Committee meeting.  Such conduct, according to Neff’s letter, would violate a provision of the LGEL that prohibits public officials from representing anyone but the local government in any cause or proceeding before any board or agency of that local government.

Neff said that a motion to find Diaz guilty of the ethics infraction failed by a vote of 2 to 2. 

The April 9, 2013 dismissal letter is on-line here.

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