Update: 05/03/16

The Supreme Court denied the County’s Petition for Certification on April 29, 2016.

Update:  12/10/15

The Appellate Division, on December 8, 2015, affirmed Judge O’Connor’s ruling.I
n a January 14, 2014 letter, Warren County Counsel Joseph J. Bell, IV informed Superior Court Judge John H. Pursel that the County Prosecutor’s Office is appealing Judge Amy O’Connor’s December 18, 2013 order mandating disclosure of certain redacted records regarding misuse of county-owned generators by county employees or officials during Superstorm Sandy.  Production of the documents will be stayed pending resolution of the County’s appeal.

Background on the case is on-line here and Bell’s letter and the proposed consent order staying execution of Judge O’Connor’s order is on-line here.

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