Back on May 17, 2012, I complained to the Swedesboro Borough Council (Gloucester County) about the manner in which they resolved to exclude the public from their meetings (i.e. go into closed or executive session).

In my letter of complaint, on-line here, I expressed that the resolutions that the Council passed, which said nothing more than “matters involving pending litigation, collective bargaining agreements, matters involving lease or acquisition of real property or investment of public funds, protecting public safety, and/or personnel” would be privately discussed, did not give the public any real sense of the topic that would be discussed. 

I never heard back from Swedesboro, so in early January 2014, I requested the Borough Council’s executive session resolutions and minutes from 2013 to see if it improved its procedure.  The response I recently received, on-line here, shows that the Council, although not as precisely as I’d like, has made their executive session resolutions more detailed.

Also, citizens may be interested in the minutes of the executive sessions at the above link, because they reveal issues such as lawsuits involving the Borough, employee discipline for insubordination and suspension of a liquor license. 

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