In an earlier post (on-line here), I wrote about my December 30, 2013 lawsuit against the New Jersey Local Finance Board (LFB).  With Attorney Walter Luers‘ assistance, I sued the LFB because it had refused to provide me with unredacted copies of its public meeting minutes.

Yesterday, a New Jersey Deputy Attorney General decided to not contest the suit and provide the minutes in unredacted form.  The newly released, unredacted minutes are on-line here.  I’ve placed the same pages from the redacted version of the minutes here so that readers can compare them side by side.  Given the nature of the redacted material, it is difficult to understand why the LFB decided to apply the redactions in the first place.

The lawsuit is now all but over.  The only remaining issue is a determination on the amount of attorney fees the taxpayers will have to pay Mr. Luers for bringing the suit.

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