In this public meeting audio (on You Tube here), Councilwoman Paula Danchuk says that she contacted the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office with a concern about whether a topic the Council discussed in closed session was validly discussed outside of public view. 

Danchuk’s decision to contact the Prosecutor’s Office resulted in deal being offered to her (go to time stamp 08:15 of the recording) that the Council would decide to not pursue ethics charges against her for an unrelated matter if she would agree to “stop her nit-picking.”

Danchuk asserts that the offer is evidence of “bullying” and the other disagree.  Danchuk also asserts that she’s not guilty of any unethical conduct.  The other speakers say that she acted unethically, but that they have a problem spending $10,000 of taxpayers’ money for legal bills to prove that she committed unethical conduct.  They also chide her for accusing the rest of the Council of bullying her.

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