The lawsuits filed in Bound Brook Board of Education v. Carole Deddy, Docket No. SOM-C-12050-12 and Shari Duddy v. Bound Brook Board of Education, Docket No. SOM-L-988-11 Both allege the existence of documents that might help the public understand what is going on at the school board.  I submitted Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests for two of these documents and have provided links to them below.

Paragraph 18 of the Deddy lawsuit states that “[o]n March 18, 2011, Board counsel from the law firm of Parker McCay sent a five-page letter to the Somerset County Prosecutor summarizing various illegal actions and schemes by a staff member.”  The five page letter, on-line here, was written by attorney Russell Weiss, Jr. and sets forth eight specific “schemes,” most of which involve a vendor named Circle Systems and allege “an expenditure of public funds for personal use items.”

Paragraph 49 of the Duddy lawsuit refers to a letter from Bruce W. Padula, the school board’s attorney.  That letter, which is on-line here, accuses Duddy of creating “a fabrication and misrepresentation . . . in an attempt to bolster a legally baseless harassment cause of action and manufacture a whistleblower claim.”  The claim that Mr. Padula refers to was recently settled for $250,000.

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