On Monday, March 31st at 7 p.m. the Rancocas Valley Clergy Association will be holding a “Stand-Up, Speak-Out!” event where residents will be given an open forum “to speak out about social issues, problems and the needs of people in” Burlington County. 

According to Sean C. Turzanski, who spoke at Saturday’s New Jersey Libertarian Party Convention, a likely topic of the event is Robert Taylor, a homeless 74-year-old man, who died while in custody at the Burlington County Jail.  According to a gripping letter, written by Turzanski while he was jailed with Taylor during his final days, jail officials neglected Taylor who was lying naked in the same position for 5 days on the floor of his cell without taking any meals or water.

The “Stand-Up, Speak-Out!” event, which is open to the public, will be held at the Christian Faith Assembly Church, 810 Marne Highway (Co. Rt. 537) ¼ mile west Co. Rt. 541 By-pass, in Hainesport, New Jersey.

More information and ground rules on the event are on-line here and Turzanski’s letter is on-line here.

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