On March 6, 2014, Mark LaMonica, who formerly served as North Brunswick Township’s (Middlesex County) Supervisor of the Department of Public Works, sued Mayor Francis Womack, Business Administrator Robert Lombard and DPW Director Glenn Sandor for transferring him to the Building and Grounds Maintenance Department in retaliation for “his constant complaints about illegal activity at the Township.”

In the suit, which is on-line here, LaMonica claimed that DPW worker Donald Salzman, Jr., who he claims to be “the son of a good friend of Womack” had applied Armor All “all over [LaMonica’s] Township truck, including the brake and gas pedals.”  Since this caused “an extremely dangerous condition,” LaMonica “wrote up” Salzman and insisted on him being suspended.  According to the complaint Sandor said that Salzman would only receive a warning.

LaMonica’s suit also claimed that he complained about employees selling Township scrap metal and then keeping the cash, stealing Township tires, working on their own vehicles during company time and being paid for time when they were not working.  He claims that Sandor and other officials gave him “the impression that his complaints were not appreciated.”

After the Armor All incident, LaMonica claims that he was transferred to Building and Grounds where he was “exiled to a basement office,” ostracized and alienated and deprived of overtime.

The allegations in the complaint have not yet been proven.  In 2011, LaMonica and the North Brunswick DPW were mentioned in another lawsuit, which is on-line here.

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