Back on August 7, 2012, I blogged (link here) about a call I had received from the Attorney General’s office asking me to not publish the home address of a State Trooper on my blog.  According to Deputy Attorney General Vincent J. Rizzo, Jr.,  the Trooper, Jason Dare, may had done undercover work and may have made himself enemies among the criminal class.  Rizzo said that he was worried that my on-line disclosure of his home address tended to put the Trooper and his family at risk.

Today, in response to an OPRA request, I received a copy of the Trooper’s civil rights lawsuit against Hamilton Township (By way of background, Dare had been acquitted of drunk driving and refusal to take an Alcotest after an early morning, single car crash in Hamilton.)

In paragraph 2 of the lawsuit, which is on-line here, Dare, through his attorney, Conrad J. Benedetto of Cherry Hill, disclosed his home address in Vineland.  Thus, the Attorney General’s office was apparently more concerned about Dare’s alleged security problem than Dare himself was.

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