On Thursday, June 5, 2014 at 12:30 p.m., the Stone Harbor Municipal Court will hear the harassment/simple assault cross-complaints filed against each other by Michael A. Blanda and Jack Gallagher arising out of a July 25, 2013 incident at Billows Electric at 3901 New Jersey Avenue, Wildwood. 

Blanda is Mayor Ernest Troiano Jr.’s son’s brother-in-law.  Blanda evidently overheard a comment Gallagher publicly made about Troiano and allegedly grabbed Gallagher’s throat and stated “I am going to kill you.” More information and case documents are on-line here.

The public and media is invited to attend the hearing.  It will be held at the courtroom at 9508 Second Avenue, Stone Harbor, NJ 08247.  Those who wish to attend should call the court at 609-368-2411 the day prior to ensure that the hearing hasn’t been postponed.

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