Asserting that “the criminal investigation has concluded,” Gloucester Township (Camden County) municipal attorney David F. Carlamere has disclosed police reports of a “theft of services” allegedly committed by former Township Public Works Director Len Moffa.  I have previously blogged about this lawsuit here.

According to the reports, which along with other documents are on-line here, five “Gloucester Township Clean Community” employees all gave statements that on May 5, 2014 Moffa had them go into the basement of his residence to “remove several pieces of furniture, several electronics and some trash that was damaged by flooding.”  According to the report, some of the property was taken to Public Works and “discarded in township dumpsters.”

A supplemental police report states that it wasn’t until June 30, 2014 that Camden County Assistant Prosecutor Angela Seixas determined that criminal charges would not be brought against Moffa because its “investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to prove an allegation of criminal conduct beyond a reasonable doubt.”   Finally, a pension determination letter discloses that Moffa was not eligible for any pension because he was employed by the Township for less than ten years as of the date of his termination.

The Township posits that its denial of my records request was proper because the investigation was still pending when my records request was received and because they are “criminal investigatory records.”

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