Update: November 29, 2014.  David Mayer’s brief opposing disclosure of the Brady letters is on-line here.

Approximately six weeks after Judge Nelson C. Johnson ruled that the Cape May County Prosecutor has to provide we with “Brady letters” involving Wildwood Crest Police Captain  David Mayer and Lieutenant Michael Hawthorne, Mayer, in an October 7, 2014 letter from attorney Joseph J. Rodgers, has asked Johnson to reopen the case.  According to Rodgers’ letter, Mayer “will be harmed by the court’s ruling unless the case is reopened to allow all interested parties an opportunity to join in the case.  Background on the case is here.

In an October 12, 2014 response, my attorney Richard Gutman urged Johnson to deny Rodgers’ request  Both Rodgers’ letter and Gutman’s response are on-line here.

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