On-line here is a list of the Democrats and Republicans who serve on the County Committees for terms running from 2013 through 2015.  I am not aware of this information being on-line anywhere else.

It’s interesting to take the Committee members in a town that is controlled by the dominant part (i.e. the Democrats in Hudson County) and cross reference their names with DataUniverse‘s listing of government employees.  Many of them have positions with the county or one of the school districts or municipalities in Hudson County.

For example (and I don’t know if this is typical), I checked out the first district listed on the sheet, which is Bayonne District 01,01. Lisa Cerbone, the female Democratic Party Committeewoman from that District apparently has a $100,760 position at the Bayonne Board of Education while Stephen Gallo, the male Democratic Party Committeeman from the same district apparently has a $116,494 position with Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority.

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