On October 14, 2014, I wrote to Gibbsboro’s Mayor and Clerk seeking more information regarding Municipal Court Prosecutor Timothy Higgins’ and Public Defender’s Charles Wiggington’s enrollment status with the PERS pension.  That letter is on-line here.

Today, in response to another OPRA request, Borough Clerk Anne Levy provided me with the Borough’s August 27, 2014 letter to New Jersey’s Pension Fraud and Abuse Unit advising that Unit that Higgins and Wiggington were “terminated from the PERS pension as of 9/1/14.”  According to the letter, which is on-line here, the termination of the two men apparently resulted from an August 8, 2014 e-mail and a August 13, 2014 letter that the Borough received from the Pension Fraud and Abuse Unit.  I have submitted an OPRA request for that e-mail and letter and will post them upon receipt.

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