“Unpublished opinions” are not published in the law books and are not ordinarily written about in legal periodicals. Unless somebody puts them on-line and calls attention to them, they are likely not to be located by people who may want to search for them. I think that it’s important that court opinions, even if they are not precedential, are easily accessible for future use.

Mark Demitroff v. Buena Vista Township et al
Atlantic County, Docket No. ATL-5662-14
Hon. Nelson C. Johnson, J.S.C.
November 18, 2014
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Summary:  Video taken by camera mounted in rear of room where municipal court and governing body meets is subject to disclosure, despite municipality’s claim that video from camera would reveal “blind spots” and thus allow a person seeking to harm government official to adjust his or her movements to avoid being within recording scope of camera.

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