After Bergen County Superior Court Assignment Judge Peter E. Doyne’s October 16, 2014 ruling (on-line here) that police internal affairs records are not exempt from disclosure, I submitted an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request to the Borough of Edgewater seeking police disciplinary records.  While I was expecting recalcitrance, I found Edgewater’s response, on-line here, to be compliant with Judge Doyne’s ruling.

I have never before seen a disclosure that identifies police officers who were internally charged, a summary of the charges and an indication as to whether or not the charges were sustained.  For example, the documents show that in 2014, Officer William Wallach was suspended for 10 days “for not complying with orders and removing documents from headquarters without permission.”  Another example is a May 20, 2014 charge that Officer Konstantina T. Savrides “had poor demeanor and refused to take a motor vehicle accident report” which was determined to be “not sustained.”

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