On November 17, 2014, Mark K. Hunsinger, who has worked for the Medford Police Department since 1999, filed suit alleging that the police department and its officials have discriminated against him based on his race.  In this lawsuit, Hunsinger claimed that he has been repeatedly passed over for promotions and job assignments based on his race.

He also claimed that there is a hostile racial culture within the police department.  His lawsuit specifically names Corporal Robert Zane and alleges that Zane referred to an Italian as a “ginny and wop” and an Asian as “slant eyed.”  Zane is alleged to have repeatedly referred to the Township of Maple Shade as “Maple Spade.”

The lawsuit, Hunsinger v. Medford Township Police Department, Docket No. BUR-L-2804-14, is on-line here.  Hunsinger’s attorney is Anthony F. DiMento of Cherry Hill.

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