On-line here is a criminal complaint issued on January 3, 2013, charging former Ocean County Corrections Officer Timothy Browning, currently age 51, with aggravated assault for “causing significant bodily injury to [inmate] Armando Penales by striking him about the head and face.”  According to court documents, also available at the link above, Browning was entered into the Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) on August 8, 2013.  As a condition for PTI, Browning was required to pay $532.66 in restitution to Ocean County, and to “resign his position as corrections officer [and] not to seek future public employment in NJ.”

The inmate, Penales, who Browning assaulted, has recently settled his lawsuit against the County.  According to a December 9, 2014 e-mail from John C. Sahradnik, the attorney representing the County in Penales’ suit, he is “still awaiting receipt of executed settlement documents from Plaintiff’s attorney,” Thomas J. Mallon of Freehold.  I will post the lawsuit and settlement agreement on my NJ Civil Settlements blog when I receive it.

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