Robert Lawson,
Lakewood Chief of Police

Today’s Asbury Park Press reports that former Lakewood police officer Matthew Moore was arrested on May 17, 2015 for possession of heroin.  According to the article, Lakewood Officer Kristie Buble, while investigating a suspicious vehicle in a Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot, allegedly observed Moore “preparing to ingest heroin.”

This is interesting to me because Moore is the same officer who was allowed to resign from the Lakewood Police Department in June 2014.  According to the “Confidential Agreement” that set forth the terms of Moore’s resignation, Lakewood withdrew a Preliminary Notice of Disciplinary Action filed against Moore in exchange for Moore’s agreement to not seek employment with any New Jersey law enforcement agency, reported Moore’s “drug use to the New Jersey Drug Registry,” and agreed give a neutral reference to any of Moore’s future employers.  Details on the agreement are on my blog here.

When Lakewood refused to provide me documents regarding the “drug use” that led to Moore’s resignation, Donald M. Doherty filed suit on my behalf against Lakewood under the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and the common law right of access.  That lawsuit, which is described on my blog here, is currently pending.

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