As a public service, I have described and provided links to three lawsuits that are pending against Fairfield Township in Cumberland County.

Wayne Byrd v. Joann L. Servais and Fairfield Township, Docket No. CUM-L-539-14.

Byrd alleges that after entering into a confidential settlement agreement with Fairfield in 2010, Joann Servais violated the agreement by breaching confidentiality and disparaging him.

Robert R. Hulitt, Sr. v. Fairfield Township, Docket No. CUM-L-841-14.

Hulitt alleges that he was unlawfully terminated from several Township positions after having been “unjustly accused of issuing and signing a check to a Mr. Edward Kimley in the amount of $508.00.”  He also seeks compensation for having been underpaid and not being paid for accumulated sick and vacation time.  Update (07/21/16): $93,570.57 awarded to Hulitt.

B&M Salvage v. Fairfield Township, Viola Thomas-Hughes, Joanne Servais and Geneva Grifin, Federal No. 1:14-cv-07451.

Salvage business and its owners, Robert and Michele Hoffman, allege that the defendants conspired to arbitrarily deny it a business permit which resulted in plaintiffs’ breaching a sales agreement. Update (02/17/16): This lawsuit has settled.

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