The Local Finance Board (LFB) dismissed ethics complaints against the following public officials.  All of the dismissal notices are on-line here.  Although they are somewhat dated, I decided to put them on-line because the LFB does not provide the public with any on-line information about any of its complaints and I have long believed that the disposition of ethics cases are of public interest regardless of whether they result in a violation or a dismissal.  Following is some information about each complaint in the PDF at the above link.  Details about the nature of the ethics charge is in the body of the dismissal letters.
Englewood Cliffs (Bergen)
Lauren Eastwood v. Joseph Parisi and Joseph Favaro
Complaint No. 13-057
Complaint received December 15,2013
Dismissal letter dated March 24, 2014

Gloucester County
John Alice v. Vincent Nestore and Larry Wallace
Complaint No. 11-054
Complaint received July 28, 2011
Dismissal letter dated April 16, 2014

Haddon Heights (Camden)
Scott Alexander v. Edward Forte, Jr.
Complaint No. 13-056
Complaint received November 8, 2013
Dismissal letter dated March 12, 2014

Elizabeth (Union)
Libera Paolucci v. J. Christian Bollwage, No. 13-052
Complaint No. 13-052
Complaint received November 7, 2013
Dismissal letter dated March 12, 2014

Hoboken (Hudson)
Theresa Castellano, Beth Mason, Michael Russo and Tim Occhiptinti v. Dawn Zimmer and Ravi Bhalla
Complaint No. 13-001
Complaint received November 15, 2013
Dismissal letter dated April 4, 2014

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