In December 2014, the Local Finance Board, which handles the vast majority of Local Government Ethics Law complaints filed against local and county public officials, sent me an Excel version of its roster of closed ethics complaints.  This is the first time I have received the complaint roster in Excel format–previous lists were printed out from an Excel file and then scanned.  Having the roster in Excel is useful because the public can now sort and filter the list which could not be done with the the scanned versions previously offered.

The Excel version is on-line here.  I have just submitted another request for an Excel file of the present version of the complaint roster and I’ll update this blog entry to include the new roster upon receipt.  By comparing the two version, one can determine which ethics files were resolved between the dates of the two versions (i.e. during the first six months of 2015) and then, through a separate OPRA request, one can get copies of the newly closed matters and find out if they resulted in a dismissal or a violation.

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