On August 23, 2014, I blogged some information that I then had about the reasons underlying Christopher Schultz’s abrupt resignation from his position as Medford Township (Burlington County) Manager.  Since then, I have obtained another version of the Council’s July 22, 2014 executive session minutes that shed some more light on what had occurred.

Interestingly, I now have three versions of the July 22, 2014 executive minutes, which I have placed on line here.  The first version is heavily redacted.  The second version, which is more narrowly redacted than the second, was the basis of my August 23, 2014 blog post.  The last version (pages 7 – 9 of the PDF at the above link) has the fewest redactions.  I chanced upon the last version, which is marked “draft,” by submitting an Open Public Record Act (OPRA) request for OPRA requests filed by another citizen.

The newly available version indicates that there was a “relationship” that was found to “consensual and there being no coercion.”  After discussion, the Council heard Township Labor Attorney Robert Merryman “explain discipline regarding the Township Manager under the Faulkner Act.”  After discussing its disciplinary options, the Council “agreed on termination, but would give Mr. Schultz the opportunity to resign.”  A copy of the confidential Separation Agreement between Schultz and the Township is on-line here.

After his separation from Medford, Schultz was hired as the business administrator and clerk of the Borough of Pine Hill (Camden County).  Prior to working for Medford, Schultz served as Township Manager for Moorestown (Burlington County).  He resigned from Moorestown in May of 2011.

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