On July 28, 2015, Somerset County Assignment Judge Yolanda Ciccone ordered the Borough of Bound Brook to disclose the “narrative description” of a police CAD report regarding an October 29, 2014 incident involving a 24-year-old former Bound Brook High School teacher and juvenile who is identified in report as the “Victim.”

Hopefully, the ordered disclosure will resolve the mystery over why the teacher, Kimberly Charnuska, was fired on November 24, 2014.  Charnuska’s lawyer has publicly claimed that his client did nothing wrong–and even called her a “modern day Mother Teresa”–who was terminated because of “unscrupulous decision-making” by Bound Brook Superintendent Daniel Gallagher that was based on “a false and malicious rumor.”

Judge Ciccone’s order, which was not accompanied by any written decision or statement of her reasons, instructs Bound Brook to produce the report within thirty days except that “information pertaining to minors” and “MNI numbers” may remain redacted.  The redacted version of the CAD report that I received prior to filing my lawsuit is on-line here.  Ciccone’s order also invited my attorney, Richard M. Gutman of Montclair, to submit a certification setting forth his costs and attorney fees.

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