Photo Credit: "Airtrain - The Port Authority of NY&NJ" by phil_websurfer Licensed under CC BY--SA 4.0. No changes made.

In response to my Denial of Access Complaint filed with the Government Records Council (GRC), the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey conceded that it is subject to the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) as a result of legislation passed by both the New Jersey and New York legislatures earlier this year.

In her December 16, 2015 submission to the GRC, Authority Secretary Karen E. Eastman wrote that the Authority’s duty to comply with OPRA has “been under close review” since the enactment of the bi-state legislation and that the Authority’s Board of Commissioners will vote to implement procedures to handle OPRA and New York Freedom of Information Law requests at its next meeting.

According to the filing, Eastman is the Authority’s designated OPRA custodian and records requests may be submitted to her via e-mail at [email protected].

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