On February 18, 2016, I wrote about contested disciplinary charges against State Troopers Kenneth Franco and Georgina Sirakides that I had obtained by making an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request to the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law (OAL).

While writing the article, I noticed that both Franco’s and Sirakides’ OAL docket number had a prefix of “POL.”  It occurred to me that perhaps, if asked, the OAL could filter its case management database to provide me a list of all open cases with that prefix.  I asked Pat Mulligan, the OAL’s records custodian, and he provided me with a list of fifteen cases that are on-line as an Excel file here.  (I am not certain whether these cases are all disciplinary matters–it is possible that they are other types of cases.)

Any interested citizen could find out more about any of these cases by submitting an OPRA request to the OAL for the case’s pleadings.

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