On September 13, 2015, I blogged about my Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and common law right of access lawsuit against the New Jersey State Police that challenged that agency’s decision to suppress the identity of a State Trooper who resigned or was fired for offering to not execute an arrest warrant in exchange for the warrant’s target having sex with him.

In her March 1, 2016 order, Mercer County Assignment Judge Mary C. Jacobson dismissed my complaint.  Apparently, Judge Jacobson was convinced by Major Mark Wondrack’s December 17, 2015 Certification in which he concluded that “that producing the name, plea agreement, and resignation letter of ‘Trooper Doe’ requested by Mr. Paff – or similar internal investigative records – would be contrary to longstanding law enforcement practices and policy and would jeopardize the safety of numerous individuals and the success of current and future internal investigations.”

I was represented in the matter by Walter M. Luers of Clinton.

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