Sheriff Gary G. Schaffer

Update 05/02/16: The transcript of the hearing held by Judge Jacobson on December 8, 2015 is now on-line.

On March 2, 2016, I reported that Judge Mary C. Jacobson dismissed my Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and common law right of access lawsuit that sought information concerning a State Police investigation into Cape May County Sheriff Gary G. Schaffer.

My attorney, CJ Griffin of Hackensack, has appealed Judge Jacobson’s order on two grounds:

1. The Trial Court erred in denying Plaintiff’s Order to Show Cause demanding the records either be produced in their entirety or reviewed in camera and produced in redacted form.

2. The public interest in transparency far outweighs any need for confidentiality in the public being made aware of what the investigation into the alleged misconduct of Schaffer was based on, the results of the investigation, and whether government agencies conducted a reasonable investigation.

Future developments on this appeal will be reported on this blog.

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