On March 21, 2016, the District IIIA Ethics Committee, a part of the New Jersey Judiciary’s attorney disciplinary system, filed a formal complaint against a Cherry Hill attorney who allegedly failed to appear at three of his client’s sentencing proceedings.

The complaint alleges that Mark A. Bernstein failed to appear at his client Justin Medal’s January 13, 2012; January 20, 2012 and February 3, 2012 sentencing proceedings.   The complaint also accuses Bernstein of not properly communicating with Medal, not advising him of his fee in writing and failing “to ensure that his secretary’s conduct would be compatible with his professional obligations.”

The charges are only allegations–nothing has yet been proven and Bernstein, whose answer is not yet due, has an opportunity to contest the charge and have the matter heard by an ethics panel.  Bernstein has been invited to provide a copy of his answer and a link to it will be posted here if and when it is received.

Anyone who is interested in being notified in advance of any hearings on this matter may complete and send a hearing request form to District IIIA Ethics Committee Steven Secare via fax to 732-349-9293.  Since 1995, attorney disciplinary hearings have been open to the public.

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