In May 2014, Teresa Delp, who served as Comptroller for Bridgeton (and also had part time positions in Shiloh, Lawrence and Stow Creek) filed a lawsuit against the City of Bridgeton claiming that she was retaliated against her when she complained in early 2012 that “the City’s business administrator engaged in conduct in violation of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination based upon the protected class/category of gender and/or sexual orientation and its anti-retaliation provisions.”  Further details of exactly how the business administrator violated anti-discrimination laws is not disclosed in the lawsuit.

Records on DataUniverse show that Delp retired in 2014 at a final salary of $134,186 from all her employers and is collecting a pension of $78,380 per year.

The lawsuit, Teresa Delp v City of Bridgeton, Superior Court Docket No. CUM-L-342-14 is on-line here.

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