A former employee of Haledon School District (Passaic County) has appealed the New Jersey Education Commissioner’s August 5, 2014 decision to revoke his School Social Worker certificate.  Appellate Docket A-366-14.  According to the decision, the Department of Education decided to revoke the man’s certification after an Administrative Law Judge found that he told a female staff member that he wanted to “lick her legs up and down” and twice exposed his genitalia to her.  The judge also found that he made inappropriate remarks to three other women.

The Administrative Law Judge recommended a two year suspension because of the man’s exemplary “past performance and his dedication to special-needs students” and because “he received mixed messages from” the female staff member.  The Board of Examiners and Commissioner, however, found that his conduct warranted revocation of his certificate.

Case documents are on-line here.

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