After posting my blog entry about McVey’s and Smith’s lawsuit against Stafford Township and Police Chief Joseph Giberson, I located another, apparently related lawsuit, filed by Joseph Mrazek against the Township and Giberson.  I have submitted an Open Public Record Act (OPRA) request for a copy of that lawsuit and will post it here upon receipt.

In Mrazek’s suit, Stafford Township’s Assistant Network Administrator Christopher H. Smith filed a September 5, 2014 certification (on-line here) stating that Chief Giberson’s administrative assistant, Maryann Grady, had a computer that “was infected with a cryptolocker virus” which “encrypted all of the files on Ms. Grady’s hard drive.”  Because of the virus, Smith said that he had to reformat the hard drive which resulted in “all of the documents on Ms. Grady’s hard drive [being] lost.

Mrazek is being represented by Mark B. Frost and Ryan M. Lockman of Philadelphia, who is the same lawyer who represents McVey and Smith.  The Township and Giberson are being represented by Jerry L. Dasti of Forked River.

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