At midnight on February 1, 2015, Delanco Township [Burlington County) Police responded to a Hickory Street residence to answer a report of a person being seriously injured in a dog attack.  A dog in the home had attacked a mother and her son leaving the son “with a four to five inch open wound on his left leg and blood all over both legs” and the mother “covered in blood” and with “wounds on her legs.”  Delanco Officer Joel Mufalli fired multiple shots into a Rottweiler which was “biting down on [the mother’s] lower shin and shaking its head violently.” Police reports are on-line here.

Both victims were transported to the Cooper Medical Center and lodged in the Intensive Care Unit.  Police reported that the mother’s wounds were going to require surgery.

Police took custody of Mufalli’s weapon and there were still eight rounds in the fifteen round magazine, meaning that a total of seven rounds were fired. Police later recovered three bullets from the corpse of the Rottweiler and two on the floor near the dog’s body.  This left two bullets unaccounted for.

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