Robert Lawson,
Lakewood Chief of Police

Attorney Donald Doherty recently filed a lawsuit on my behalf seeking records that would shed some light on the apparent “drug use” that caused a Lakewood police officer’s resignation.  I blogged about the the officer’s resignation here.

After learning that the officer engaged in “drug use,” I then confirmed that no criminal charges were filed against him.  This led me to wonder whether the decision to not file criminal charges against the officer was reasonable or a case where law enforcement “decided to ‘protect one of their own’ from suffering the draconian penalties that we who are not employed by law enforcement have to deal with when we elect to ingest a substance that is not approved by the government.” (quoted from my records request.)

The lawsuit, order to show cause and brief are on-line here.  The matter will be heard on May 7, 2015 at 2 p.m. by Judge Grasso in Toms River.

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