My July 28, 2015 blog entry reported that the New Jersey Local Finance Board (LFB) had issued thousands of violation notices to Local Government Officers (LGOs) who failed to file their Financial Disclosure Statements for 2014.  Today, I received an Excel file of the LGOs to whom violation notices have issued.

I have uploaded the lists in three formats: Excel, PDF, and the Excel file as received from the LFB.  I recommend viewing the first two files because I’ve cleaned them up a bit to be more readable and viewer-friendly. I’ve included the raw file received from the LFB for those who want it. My version of the list contains two parts.  The first 2,504 lines of data represent the notices of violation issued to municipal LGOs and lines 2507 through 2634 represent those issued to county LGOs.

The LFB issued the following disclaimer regarding this data:

Please note that this list includes Local Government Officers (LGOs) who had not filed their Financial Disclosure Statement (FDS) by September 5, 2014.  However, not all LGOs who had not filed were issued NOVs. Notices of violation (NOVs) were sent to Sussex and Cumberland County non-filers of the specific position listed in October 2014 and the balance of the NOVs were sent in March 2015.  Appeals have been received and are still being processed.  The appeal information noted on the chart may not be complete.  Individuals may have timely filed the FDS for other positions in local government.  Additionally, NOVs were sent to some individuals who were marked as inactive; these were withdrawn by the Local Finance Board (LFB).  All NOVs are based on rosters created by the local government entity representatives.  The LFB cannot confirm the validity of the information on the rosters.

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