In a recent Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request, I asked Fairfield Township Clerk Linda M. Gonzalez:

I am trying to get a sense of how many “Business Permits” were issued in 2015 under Section 4-4.1 of the Township Code.  If you maintain a list of 2015 “Business Permits” issued, I would like a copy of that list.  If you don’t maintain a list, please provide me with all such licenses issued in 2015.  I would think that they would be numbered sequentially as 01-2015, 02-2015 etc. all the way up to the last license issued.

In her response, Gonzalez stated: “Please see attachments – Two (2) licenses issued for 2015.

The attachments to Gonzalez’s OPRA response show that the two 2015 business permits were issued to Hannah’s Flea Market, LLC at 1414 Bridgeton-Millville Pike and B&M Auto Salvage and Towing, LLC at 311 Ramah Road.

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