The Local Finance Board (LFB), operating under the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, is responsible for enforcing the Local Government Ethics Law in counties and municipalities lacking their own ethics boards. (A list of counties and municipalities that have their own ethics boards is on-line here.)

According to its June 14, 2023 meeting minutes, the LFB unanimously voted to issue Notices of Violation and impose $100 fines on 1,582 officials who failed to file a Financial Disclosure Statements (FDS) by Monday, June 12, 2023. The Statements were due to have been filed by April 30, 2023 but nonfilers were granted extra time to make their filings. The Excel spreadsheet that identifies the 1,582 officials is on-line here.

FDS filings play a crucial role in serving the public interest by disclosing the sources of income for local government officials and their families. This transparency aids in identifying potential conflicts of interest, such as a zoning board member voting on an application submitted by her husband’s employer.

Among the 1,582 cited officials, twelve of them held the position of mayor, as listed below. denoted with an asterisk (*) after their names have not filed as of the date of this article’s publication (documentation available here). Those without an asterisk had submitted their FDS forms after receiving the fine notice.

Avon-By-The-Sea Borough (Monmouth), Edward Bonanno
Folsom Borough (Atlantic), Greg Schenker
Haledon Borough (Passaic), Michael Johnson*
Hillside Township (Union), Dahlia Vertreese
Lopatcong Township (Warren), James Mengucci*
Medford Lakes Borough (Burlington), Gary Miller
Montclair Township (Essex), Sean Spiller
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township (Morris), James Barberio
Prospect Park Borough (Passaic), Mohamed Khairullah*
Ship Bottom Borough (Ocean), William Huelsenbeck
Willingboro Township (Burlington), Kaya McIntosh*
Woodbury City (Gloucester), Kyle Miller

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