Recent Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests to the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights resulted in the Division disclosing a roster of recent complaints alleging discrimination as well as some of the complaints themselves.  Some of the complaints against government entities contain astonishing allegations, e.g. a 61-year-old male maintenance worker employed by the Somerville (Somerset County) Board of Education who complained that his supervisor tried to grope him and “frequently talk[ed] about engaging in anal sex with” him.

Other complaints include:

  • A female, Guatemalan custodian employed by the Somerville Board of Education who claimed that the same supervisor told her that “she should go back to where she came from” if she wasn’t happy with her job.
  • A female pre-K teacher employed by the Bound Brook (Somerset County) Board of Education who claimed that her salary increment was withheld because she “express[ed] job related concerns.”
  • A female, Puerto Rican Union County Sheriff’s officer who said that she was denied a sergeant promotion because of her gender and her place of origin.
  • A black, male East Windsor (Mercer County) police sergeant who claimed that he was denied a lieutenant promotion because of his race. 
  • A “volunteer associate member” with Freehold Township (Monmouth County) Independent Fire Company No. 1 who said that he was discharged because he has an unspecified disability.

It should be noted that nothing contained these complaints has been proven.

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